Imparting CO2 Electroreduction Auxiliary for Integrated Morphology Tuning and Performance Boosting in a Porphyrin-based Covalent Organic Framework
Yi-Rong Wang, Hui-Min Ding, Xiao-Yu Ma, Ming Liu, Yi-Lu Yang, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021. Link PDF
Anthraquinone Covalent Organic Frameworks Hollow Tubes as Binder Micro-Additives in Li-S Battery
Can Guo, Ming Liu,Guang-Kuo Gao, Xi Tian, Jie Zhou, Long-Zhang Dong, Qi Li, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021. Link PDF
Coordination Environment Dependent Selectivity of Single-Site-Cu Enriched Crystalline Porous Catalysts in CO2 Reduction to CH4
Yu Zhang, Long-Zhang Dong, Shan Li, Xin Huang, Jia-Nan Chang, Jian-Hui Wang, Jie Zhou, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 6390. Link PDF
Predesign of Catalytically Active Sites via Stable Coordination Cluster Model System for Electroreduction of CO2 to Ethylene
Yun-Feng Lu, Long-Zhang Dong, Jiang Liu*, Ru-Xin Yang, Jing-Jing Liu, Yu Zhang, Lei Zhang, Yi-Rong Wang, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021, 60(50), 26210-26217. Link PDF
Crystalline Mixed-Valence Copper Supramolecular Isomer for Electroreduction of CO2 to Hydrocarbons
Jia-Ni Lu, Jiang Liu*, Lei Zhang, Long-Zhang Dong, Shun-Li Li* and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021, 9(41), 23477-23484. Link PDF
Controllable synthesis of COFs-based multicomponent nanocomposites from core-shell to yolk-shell and hollow-sphere structure for artificial photosynthesis
Mi Zhang, Jia-Nan Chang, Yifa Chen, Meng Lu, Tao-Yuan Yu, Cheng Jiang, Shun-Li Li, Yue-Peng Cai and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Advanced Materials, 2021, 33(48), 2105002. Link PDF
Single-metal Sites Embedded Conjugated Macrocyclic Hybrid Catalysts Enable Boosted CO2 Reduction and Evolution Kinetics in Li-CO2 Battery
Jian-Hui Wang, Yu Zhang, Ming Liu, Guang-Kuo Gao, Wenxin Ji, Cheng-Jiang, Xin Huang, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Cell Reports Physical Science, 2021, 2(10), 100583. Link PDF
Establishing Spatially Elastic Hydrogen-Bonding Interaction in Electrochemical Process for Selective CO2-to-CH4 Conversion
Sheng-Nan Sun,  Jia-Ni Lu,  Qi Li,  Long-Zhang Dong,  Qing Huang,  Jiang Liu* and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Chem Catalysis, 2021, 1(5), 1133-1144. Link PDF
Implanting Numerous Hydrogen-bonding Networks in Cu-porphyrin based Nanosheet to Boost CH4 Selectivity in Neutral Media CO2 Electroreduction
Yi-Rong Wang, Ming Liu, Guang-Kuo Gao, Yi- Lu Yang, Ru-Xin Yang, Hui-Min Ding, Yifa Chen*, and Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021, 60(40), 21952-21958. Link PDF
Well-Defined Dual Mn-Sites based Metal-Organic Framework to Promote CO2 Reduction / Evolution in Li-CO2 Batteries
Long-Zhang Dong, Yu Zhang, Yun-Feng Lu, Lei Zhang, Xin Huang, Jian-Hui Wang, Jiang Liu, Shun-Li Li* and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Chemical Communications, 2021, 57(71), 8937-8940. Link PDF
Self-assembly of single metal sites embedded covalent organic frameworks into multi-dimensional nanostructures for efficient CO2 electroreduction
Yi-Lu Yang, Yi-Rong Wang, Guang-Kuo Gao, Ming Liu, Chang Miao, Le-Yan Li, Wei Cheng, Zi-Yue Zhao, Yifa Chen*, Zhifeng Xin*, Shun-Li Li, Dong-Sheng Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2021. Link PDF
Single-Atom Zinc and Anionic Framework as Janus Separator Coatings for Efficient Inhibition of Lithium Dendrites and Shuttle Effect
Chun-Lei Song, Ze-Hui Li, Lin-Yuan Ma, Mian-Zhang Li, Si Huang, Xu-Jia Hong*, Yue-Peng Cai* and Ya‐Qian Lan*. ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 8, 13436-13443. Link PDF
Partial Coordination-Perturbed Bi-Copper Sites for Selective Electroreduction of CO2 to Hydrocarbons
Rui Wang, Jiang Liu*, Qing Huang, Long-Zhang Dong, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021, 60(36), 19829-19835. Link PDF
Design of Crystalline Reduction-Oxidation Cluster-based Catalysts for Artificial Photosynthesis
Xiao-Xin Li,Lei Zhang, Jiang Liu*, Lin Yuan, Tong Wang, Jun-Yi Wang, Long-Zhang Dong, Kai Huang and Ya‐Qian Lan*. JACS Au, 2021, 8, 1288–1295. Link PDF
Self-assembly of anthraquinone covalent organic frameworks as 1D superstructures for highly efficient CO2 electroreduction to CH4
Ming Liu, Yi-Rong Wang, Hui-Min Ding, Meng Lu, Guang-Kuo Gao, Long-Zhang Dong, Qi Li, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Science Bulletin, 2021,  66(16),1659-1668. Link PDF
Carbon quantum dots enriching molecular nickel polyoxometalate over CdS semiconductor for photocatalytic water splitting
Yinjuan Dong, Qing Han, Qiyu Hu, Chunjiang Xu, Cingzhao Dong, Yong Peng, Yong Ding* and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Applied Catalysis B: Environmentals, 2021, 293(15), 120214. Link PDF
Self-assembly of Hydroxyl Metal-Organic Polyhedra and Polymer into Cu-based Hollow Spheres for Product-selective CO2 Electroreduction
Ru-Xin Yang, Yi-Rong Wang, Guang-Kuo Gao, Lin Chen, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li* and Ya‐Qian Lan*. Small Structures, 2021, 7, 2100012. Link PDF
Efficient Electron Transfer from Electron‐Sponge Polyoxometalate to Single‐Metal Site Metal–Organic Frameworks for Highly Selective Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide
Ming‐Liang Sun,Yi‐Rong Wang,Wen‐Wen He*,Rong‐Lin Zhong,Qing‐Zhi Liu,Shiyou Xu,Jing‐Mei Xu,Xiao‐Long Han,Xueying Ge,Shun‐Li Li,Ya‐Qian Lan*, Abdullah M. Al‐Enizi,Ayman Nafady and Shengqian Ma*. Small, 2021,17(20), 2100762. Link PDF
Recent progress and perspectives in heterogeneous photocatalytic CO2 reduction through a solid-gas mode
Hai-Ning Wang, Yan-Hong Zou, Hong-Xu Sun, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li* and Ya-Qian Lan* . Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2021, 438(1), 213906 . Link PDF
Metal-organic frameworks for photo/electrocatalysis
Junkuo Gao, Qing Huang, Yuhang Wu, Ya-Qian Lan* and Banglin Chen* . Advanced Energy & Sustainability Research, 2021, 8, 2100033. Link PDF
Exfoliation of Covalent Organic Frameworks into MnO2-Loaded Ultrathin Nanosheets as Efficient Cathode Catalysts for Li-CO2 Battery
Cheng Jiang, Yu Zhang, Mi Zhang, Na-Na Ma, Guang-Kuo Gao, Jian-Hui Wang, Meng-Meng Zhang, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li,* and Ya-Qian Lan*. Cell Reports Physical Science, 2021, 2(4), 100392. Link PDF
Ferrocene-Functionalized Polyoxo-Titanium Cluster for CO2 Photoreduction
Jing-Jing Liu , Ning Li, Jia-Wei Sun, Jiang Liu*, Long-Zhang Dong, Su-Juan Yao, Lei Zhang, Zhi-Feng Xin, Jing-Wen Shi, Jing-Xuan Wang, Shun-Li Li* and Ya-Qian Lan*. ACS Catalysis, 2021,11(8), 4510–4519. Link PDF

Enhanced Cuprophilic Interactions in Crystalline Catalysts Facilitate the Highly Selective Electroreduction of CO2 to CH4
Lei Zhang , Xiao-Xin Li, Zhong-Ling Lang, Yang Liu, Jiang Liu, Lin Yuan, Wan-Yue Lu, Yuan-Sheng Xia, Long-Zhang Dong, Da-Qiang Yuan and Ya-Qian Lan*. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2021,143(10), 3808–3816. Link PDF
Stepped Channels Integrated Li-S Separator via Photo-induced Multi-dimensional Fabrication of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Guang-Kuo Gao, Yi-Rong Wang, Si-Bo Wang, Ru-Xin Yang, Yifa Chen*, Yu Zhang, Cheng Jiang, Mei-Jie Wei, Huiyuan Ma and Ya-Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021, 60(18), 10147-10154. Link PDF
Efficient Charge Migration in Chemically-bonded Prussian Blue Analog/Cds with Beaded Structure for Photocatalytic H2 Evolution
Mi Zhang, Yifa Chen,* Jia-Nan Chang, Cheng Jiang, Wen-Xin Ji, Le-Yan Li, Meng Lu, Long-Zhang Dong, Shun-Li Li, Yue-Peng Cai and Ya-Qian Lan*. JACS Au, 2021, 1(2) , 212–220. Link PDF
Single Metal Site and Versatile Transfer Channel Merged into Covalent Organic Frameworks Facilitate High-Performance Li-CO2 Batteries
Yu Zhang, Rong-Lin Zhong, Meng Lu, Jian-Hui Wang, Cheng Jiang, Guang-Kuo Gao, Long-Zhang Dong, Yifa Chen, Shun-Li Li and Ya-Qian Lan*. ACS Central Science, 2021, 7(1), 175–182. Link PDF
Assembly of Two Mesoporous Anionic Metal–Organic Frameworks for Fluorescent Sensing of Metal Ions and Organic Dyes Separation
Yu-Hui Luo*, A-Di Xie, Ming-Gai Hu, Ji Wu, Dong-En Zhang, and Ya-Qian Lan*.Inorganic Chemistry, 2021, 60(1), 167–174. Link PDF
Boosting Highly Ordered Porosity in Lanthanum Metal-Organic Frameworks for Ring-Opening Polymerization of γ-Butyrolactone
Yifa Chen, Yong-Jun Chen, Yuquan Qi, Hong-Jing Zhu, Xianqiang Huang, Yi-Rong Wang, Ru-Xin Yang, Yu-He Kan, Shun-Li Li and Ya-Qian Lan*. Chem, 2021, 7(2), 463-479. Link PDF
Ultrastable Dioxin‐Linked Metallophthalocyanine Covalent Organic Frameworks as Photo‐Coupled Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction
Meng Lu, Mi Zhang, Chun-Guang Liu,  Jiang Liu, Lin-Jie Shang,  Min Wang,  Jia-Nan Chang, Shun-Li Li and Ya-Qian Lan*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021, 60(9), 4864-4871. Link PDF
Identification of the activity source of CO2 electroreduction by strategic catalytic site distribution in stable supramolecular structure system
Sheng-Nan Sun, Ning Li, Jiang Liu,* Wen-Xin Ji, Long-Zhang Dong, Yi-Rong Wang and Ya-Qian Lan*. National Science Review, 2021, 8(3), nwaa195. Link PDF
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