Self‐Assembly of Phosphate‐Centered Polyoxo‐Titanium Cluster: Discovery of New “Heteroatom Keggin Family”
Ning Li, Jiang Liu, Jing-Jing Liu, Long-Zhang Dong, Shun-Li Li, Bao-Xia Dong, Yu-He Kan and Ya-Qian Lan* Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58(48), 17260-17264. Link PDF
Rational Crystalline Covalent Organic Frameworks Design for Efficient CO2 Photoreduction with H2O
Meng Lu, Jiang Liu, Qiang Li, Mi Zhang, Ming Liu, Jin-Lan Wang, Da-Qiang Yuan,
and Ya-Qian Lan* Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58(36), 12392-12397. Link PDF
Adenine Components in Biomimetic Metal–Organic Frameworks for Efficient CO2 Photoconversion
Ning Li,  Jiang Liu, Jing-Jing Liu,  Long-Zhang Dong,  Zhi-Feng Xin,  Yun-Lei Teng and Ya-Qian Lan* Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58(16), 5226-5231. Link PDF  (VIP Paper, Frontispiece )
Face-Sharing Archimedean Solids Stacking for the Construction of Mixed-Ligand Metal–Organic Frameworks
Yu-Chen Qiu, Shuai Yuan, Xiao-Xin Li, Dong-Ying Du, Cong Wang, Jun-Sheng Qin*, Hannah F. Drake, Ya-Qian Lan*, Lei Jiang and Hong-Cai Zhou* Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019,141(35), 13841−13848 . Link PDF
Creating Well-Defined Hexabenzocoronene in Zirconium Metal-Organic
Framework by Postsynthetic Annulation
Jun-Sheng Qin,   Shuai Yuan,   Lei Zhang,   Bao Li,   Dong-Ying Du,   Ning Huang,  Wei Guan,   Hannah F. Drake,   Jiandong Pang,   Ya-Qian Lan*      Ali Alsalme,*      and Hong-Cai Zhou* Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019, 141(5), 2054-2060. Link PDF
Disclosing CO2 Activation Mechanism by Hydroxyl-Induced Crystalline Structure Transformation in Electrocatalytic Process
Qing Huang, Qiang Li, Jiang Liu, Yi Rong Wang, Rui Wang,  Long Zhang Dong,  Yu Han Xia, Jin Lan Wang, and Ya-Qian Lan* Matter, 2019, 6, 1656-1668. Link PDF
Polyoxometalate-based materials for sustainable and clean energy conversion and storage
Yu Zhang, Jiang Liu*, Shun-Li Li, Zhong-Min Su, and Ya-Qian Lan* EnergyChem, 2019, 3, 100021. Link PDF
From molecular metal complex to metal-organic framework: The CO2 reduction photocatalysts with clear and tunable structure
Yu-Hui Luo, Long-Zhang Dong, Jiang Liu, Shun-Li Li*, and Ya-Qian Lan* Coordination Chemistry Reviews , 2019, 390, 86-126. Link PDF
Monometallic Catalytic Models Hosted in Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks
for Tunable CO2 Photoreduction
Xiao-Kun Wang,  jiang Liu,  Lei Zhang,  Long-Zhang Dong,  Shun-Li Li,  Yu-He Kan,  Dongsheng Li,*  and Ya-Qian Lan* ACS Catalysis, 2019, 9, 1726-1732. Link
Polyoxometalate-Induced Efficient Recycling of Waste Polyester Plastics into Metal–Organic Frameworks
Yong-Jun Chen, Xianqiang Huang, Yifa Chen*, Yi-Rong Wang, Haichao Zhang, Chun-Xia Li, Lei Zhang, Hongjing Zhu, Ruxin Yang, Yu-He Kan, Shun-Li Li, and Ya-Qian Lan* CCS Chemistry, 2019. Link PDF
Hetero-metallic   Active   Sites   Coupled   with   Strong   Reductive Polyoxometalate  for  Selectively  Photocatalytic  CO2-to-CH4  Conversion in Water
Shuai-Lei Xie,  Jiang Liu*,  Long-Zhang Dong,  Shun-Li Li,  Ya-Qian Lan* and
Zhong-Min Su*,Chemical Science, 2019, 10, 185-190. Link PDF
Installing Earth-Abundant Metal Active Centers to Covalent Organic Frameworks for Efficient Heterogeneous Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Meng Lu, Qiang Li, Jiang Liu, Feng-Ming Zhang, Lei Zhang, Jin-Lan Wang,
Zhen-Hui Kang, and Ya-Qian Lan* Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2019, 5(254), 624-633. Link PDF
Solid-Phase Hot-Pressing of POMs-ZIFs Precursor and Derived Phosphide for Overall Water Splitting
Yu-JiaTang,  Hong-Jing Zhu,  Long-Zhang Dong,  A-Man Zhang,  Shun-Li Li,  Jiang Liu* and Ya-Qian Lan*  Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2019, 245,  528-535.
Hierarchically Phosphorus Doped Bimetallic Nitrides Arrays with Unique Interfaces for Efficient Water Splitting
Feng-Cui Shen,  Sheng-Nan Sun,  Zhi-Feng Xin,  Shun-Li Li,  Long-Zhang Dong,
Qing Huang,  Yi-Rong Wang,  Jiang Liu*  and Ya-Qian Lan*  Applied Catalysis B:
Environmental, 2019, 243, 470-480. Link PDF
Strategic hierarchical improvement of superprotonic conductivity in a stable metal– organic framework system
Xiao-Min Li, Jiang Liu*, Chen Zhao, Jia-Lin Zhou, Ling Zhao*,  Shun-Li Li and Ya-Qian Lan* Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019,7, 25165-25171. Link PDF
Coordination polymer-based conductive materials: ionic conductivity vs. electronic conductivity
Hai-Ning Wang, Xing Meng, Long-Zhang Dong, Yifa Chen*, Shun-Li Li and Ya-Qian Lan* Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019,7, 24059-24091. Link PDF
In Situ Growth of POMOFs and Derived Nitride on Cu Foam to Produce Hydrogen with Promoted Water Dissociation Kinetics
Yu-Jia Tang, Yu Wang, Hong-Jing Zhu, Kun Zhou*, and Ya-Qian Lan* Journal of Materials Chemistry A , 2019, 22(7), 13559-13566. Link PDF
Hydrophobic Polyoxometalate-Based Metal-Organic Framework for Efficient CO2 Photoconversion
Xiao-Xin Li, Jiang Liu, Lei Zhang, Long-Zhang Dong, Zhi-Feng Xin, Shun-Li Li, Xue-Qing Huang-Fu, Kai Huang*, and Ya-Qian Lan* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019,11(29), 25790-25795. Link PDF
Different Protonic Species Affecting Proton Conductivity in Hollow Spherelike Polyoxometalates
Wen-Jing Liu, Long-Zhang Dong, Run-Han Li, Yong-Jun Chen, Sheng-Nan Sun, Shun-Li Li, and Ya-Qian Lan* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , 2019, 11 (7), 7030–7036. Link PDF
POMOF/SWNT Nanocomposites with Prominent Peroxidase-Mimicking Activity for l-Cysteine “On–Off Switch” Colorimetric Biosensing
Xiao Li, Xi-Ya Yang, Jing-Quan Sha*, Tao Han, Chun-Jiang Du, Yuan-Jie Sun and  
Ya-Qian Lan* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11 (18), 16896-16904. Link PDF
Exploring the Influence of Halogen Coordination Effect of Stable Bimetallic MOFs on Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Jia-Ni Lu, Jiang Liu*, Long-Zhang Dong, Shun-Li Li, Yu-He Kan*, and Ya-Qian Lan* Chemistry - A European Journal, 2019, 25(69), 15830-15836. Link PDF
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