Porous Molybdenum-Based Hybrid Catalysts for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
Yu-Jia Tang, Min-Rui Gao, Chun-Hui Liu, Shun-Li Li, Hai-Long Jiang, Ya-Qian Lan*, Min Han, Shu-Hong Yu*. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015, 54(44): 12928-12932. (Hot Paper) Link PDF
Ultrastable Polymolybdate-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks as Highly Active Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation from Water
Jun-Sheng Qin, Dong-Ying Du, Wei Guan, Xiang-Jie Bo, Ya-Fei Li, Li-Ping Guo, Zhong-Min Su, Yuan-Yuan Wang, Ya-Qian Lan*, Hong-Cai Zhou*. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015, 137(22): 7169-7177. Link PDF
Self-assembly of a mesoporous ZnS/mediating interface/CdS heterostructure with enhanced visible-light hydrogen-production activity and excellent stability
Kui Li, Rong Chen, Shun-Li Li, Min Han, Shuai-Lei Xie, Jian-Chun Bao, Zhi-Hui Dai, Ya-Qian Lan*. Chemical Science, 2015, 6(9): 5263-5268. Link PDF
An ultrastable porous metal-organic framework luminescent switch towards aromatic compounds
Fei-Yan Yi, Ying Wang,Jian-Ping Li, Dai Wu, Ya-Qian Lan*, Zhong-Ming Sun*. Materials Horizons, 2015, 2(2): 245-251.
Link PDF
A Highly Energetic N-Rich Zeolite-Like Metal-Organic Framework with Excellent Air Stability and Insensitivity
Jun-Sheng Qin, Ji-Chuan Zhang, Min Zhang, Dong-Ying Du, Jing Li, Zhong-Min Su*, Yuan-Yuan Wang, Si-Ping Pang, Sheng-Hua Li*, Ya-Qian Lan*. Advanced Science, 2015, 2(12): 1500150. Link PDF
Polypyrrole-polyoxometalate/reduced graphene oxide ternary nanohybrids for flexible, all-solid-state supercapacitors
Yuyun Chen, Min Han, Yujia Tang, Jianchun Bao, Shunli Li, Yaqian Lan*, Zhihui Dai*. Chemical Communications, 2015, 51(62): 12377-12380. Link PDF
Nitrogen-doped Fe/Fe3C@graphitic layer/carbon nanotube hybrids derived from MOFs: efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for ORR and OER
Ji-Sen Li, Shun-Li Li, Yu-Jia Tang, Min Han, Zhi-Hui Dai*, Jian-Chun Bao, Ya-Qian Lan*. Chemical Communications, 2015, 51(13): 2710-2713. Link PDF
Phenyl Groups Result in the Highest Benzene Storage and Most Efficient Desulfurization in a Series of Isostructural Metal-Organic Frameworks
Wen-Wen He, Guang-Sheng Yang,Yu-Jia Tang, Shun-Li Li, Shu-Ran Zhang, Zhong-Min Su*, Ya-Qian Lan*. Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015,21(27): 9784-9789. Link PDF
A multifunctional microporous anionic metal-organic framework for column-chromatographic dye separation and selective detection and adsorption of Cr3+
Zhang, Jing Li, Dong-Ying Du, Jun-Sheng Qin, Shun-Li Li, Wen-Wen He, Zhong-Min Su*, Ya-Qian Lan*. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3(46): 23426-23434. Link PDF
A stable metal-organic framework with suitable pore sizes and rich uncoordinated nitrogen atoms on the internal surface of micropores for highly efficient CO2 capture
Shao-Juan Bao, Rajamani Krishna, Ya-Bing He, Jun-Sheng Qin, Zhong-Min Su*, Shun-Li Li, Wei Xie, Dong-Ying Du*, Wen-Wen He, Shu-Ran Zhang, Ya-Qian Lan*. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3(14): 7361-7367.Link PDF
Stable Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks as Dual-Functional Materials To Encapsulate Ln3+ Ions for White-Light Emission and To Detect Nitroaromatic Explosives
Wei Xie, Shu-Ran Zhang, Dong-Ying Du, Jun-Sheng Qin, Shao-Juan Bao, Jing Li, Zhong-Min Su*, Wen-Wen He, Qiang Fu*, Ya-Qian Lan*. Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54(7): 3290-3296. Link PDF
Carbon nanodots functional MOFs composites by a stepwise synthetic approach: enhanced H2 storage and fluorescent sensing
Ji-Sen Li, Yu-Jia Tang, Shun-Li Li, Shu-Ran Zhang, Zhi-Hui Dai*, Ling Si, Ya-Qian Lan*. CrystEngComm, 2015, 17(5): 1080-1085. Link PDF
Monoclinic Copper(I) Selenide Nanocrystals and Copper(I) Selenide/Palladium Heterostructures: Synthesis, Characterization, and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Performance
Long Zhang, Shulin Zhao, Yafei Li, Yaqian Lan, Min Han, Zhihui Dai*, Jianchun Bao*. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 2015(13): 2229-2236. Link PDF
A nanoscaled Au-horseradish peroxidase composite fabricated by an interface reaction and its characterization, immobilization and biosensing
Suli Liu, Tianxiang Wei, Qian Liu, Wenwen Tu, Yaqian Lan, Min Han, Jianchun Bao*, Zhihui Dai*. Analytical Methods, 2015, 7(8): 3466-3471. Link PDF
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